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FTBA – A promising bright
investment opportunity

When reviewing the placement of our vicinity, it is evident that FTBA is at ideal location. Our entire area is in close proximity to the Gwadar Port ensuring that businesses can conduct their activities conveniently.

FTBA promises to become the central and prominent hub for both business and residential communities. Since our allotted zone falls in the Development Phase I of the agreed development plan, our area has already undertaken infrastructure development initiatives and are on the verge of completion.

Considering both the location of FTBA and its importance in the Development Phase I is a clear indication that investors will reap exponential benefits by investing in our allotted area.

Prime Location – FTBA

Fortunately, the area we have falls in the prime territory and has following unique features

  • Free Zone is adjoining to our project and lies in B&R.

  • Our area is located near the port which means easy access for business communities.

  • Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) has constructed the only Civic Centre of Gwadar in FTBA which implies that it is the central hub for commercial and business activities.

  • FTBA is in the heart of first development phase of the new Smart Port City Masterplan. If you will buy plot in FTBA, then you can start construction immediately.

Close proximity with two roads

Gwadar Port and other areas are linked by two vital roads; one on the West is Airport Road and other on the East is East Bay Expressway. FTBA is in close proximity to both roads which is a positive point for the investors as the area will be a valuable property in future based on its location.